Setting-up your environment

Please complete the following steps before the start of the course.

1. Installing Git on your computer

  • Linux: install Git using your distribution's official package manager. To test whether your installation was successful, try to run git help.

    • Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install git
    • Fedora/CentOS: dnf install git

  • Windows: download Git from this link and follow the installation instructions.
    When the installation is complete, open the Git Bash application from the Windows start menu. This application acts as a small Linux shell, with Git and a few other basic GNU-Linux tools installed (e.g. the vim and nano editors).

  • MacOS: Download Git from this link and follow the installation instructions.
    After the installation completes, Git should be available in your shell command line. You can try to run git help to see if the install was successful.

2. Create a GitHub account

GitHub is a commercial online hosting platform for Git repositories, currently owned by Microsoft.

We will use GitHub it in the last exercise, and you will need to have a (free) account to complete that exercise. If you do not already have a GitHub account, go to and sign-up for a free account.

Important: please add your GitHub user name to this google doc document, so we can add you to the project for the last exercise.

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