Topic outline

  • General

    Version control with Git - first steps

    Course date: January 14 (session 1) or 27 (session 2)
    Course description and application form: session 1 and session 2.

    Course schedule:
    • Start: 9h00
    • Lunch break: 12h30 - 13h30 (timing is indicative and depends on class progress)
    • End: 18h00

    Useful links:
    • Zoom link (streamed course): LINK WILL BE SENT BY EMAIL
    • Google doc for course: this google document can be used during the course to ask questions and indicate your progress trough the exercises.

    Course overview:
    • Introduction to Version Control Systems.
    • Basic Git concepts: commits, the HEAD pointer and the Git index.
    • Git branches: introduction to branched workflows and collaborative workflow examples.
    • Branch management: merge, rebase and cherry-pick.
    • Retrieving data from the Git database: git checkout.
    • Working with remotes: share your work and collaborate.
    • Basics of GitHub and GitLab.

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    • Environment setup: Git installation and other setup steps to complete before the start of the course.