CADD lecture - Tomorrow - Tuesday, Nov 3

CADD lecture - Tomorrow - Tuesday, Nov 3

by Vincent Zoete -
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Dear Participants,

Thank you for registering to our CADD lecture.

This lecture will start tomorrow, Tuesday Nov 3, at 9H15, Swiss hour.

Given the current sanitary situation, the lecture and practices will be given in the form of commented and pre-registered movies and of PDF files.
You will be provided with all teaching materials in the Moodle web site of the course, for the different sessions, along the week.

We will start by a short Zoom session to present ourselves and make a short summary of the next steps and sources of information.
Here is the link for our Zoom session at 9H15: 

After each session, we will also organise a live streamed session via Zoom, to allow you asking questions on what you just learnt. 
You will be provided with the corresponding Zoom links in the Moodle web site.

Please, also have a look at Grégoire Rossier's email, and register to the Slack workspace. Thank you

See you Tomorrow,
Ute, Antoine and Vincent