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  • General


    It will take you 5-10 minutes to complete the 10 questions of this quiz.

    You are allowed several attempts per question, until you get the right answer(s), but each attempt is associated with a penalty.
    To successfully pass the quiz, you must score at least 7 points. If you fail the first time, you will be able to redo the quiz, but only once.


    • Read the instructions for each question carefully, as there might be one, or several answers possible;

    • For each question, select the answer(s), then click on CHECK:
      • If your answer(s) is correct, read the feedback displayed and move on to the next question,
      • If your answer(s) is not correct, modify your answer(s) and re-click on CHECK until you get the right one(s), read the feedback, then move on to the next question;

    • You can go back to a question at any time with the Quiz Navigation window on the left;

    • At the end of the quiz:
      • Click on FINISH ATTEMPT to get a summary of your questions' status, and go back to any unfinished question by clicking on RETURN TO ATTEMPT,
      • When you are happy with all your answers' status, click on SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH to validate your quiz and get your review and scoring,
      • Finally, click on FINISH REVIEW to close your review and re-attempt the quiz if you have failed;

    • If you have failed, we strongly recommend you to go back to the training page and re-watch the animations. Then take your second and last attempt at the quiz.