Topic outline

  • General

    This quiz is composed of 10 questions and you will take 5-10 minutes to complete it. We have deliberately chosen a format, which allows you several attempts for each question, until you get the right answer. This allows you to focus and read the feedback linked to each question instead of going back at the end of the 10 questions. In return, a penalty is given for each attempt.


    • Please read carefully if one or several answers are possible
    • For each question, please click first on CHECK, even if you think you have the correct answer.
    • If your answer is not fully correct, it will indicate either "Your answer is incorrect, try again" or "Your answer is partially correct, try again" and you are invited to modify your answer(s).
    • If your answer is correct, then please read the feedback given, then click on NEXT QUESTION
    • At every moment, you can go back to a question with the Quiz Navigation window on the left. This is particularly useful if you left an unfinished question.
    • In the end, click on "SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH". You will then be guided to your quiz review, with individual scoring.
    • Finally, click on "Finish review" at the bottom of the page to see your overall scoring and feedback.
    Please don't click on PREVIEW QUIZ NOW unless you failed and would like to redo the entire quiz. But we strongly recommend you to read the film and the training again. Pay attention that you have only 2 attempts.