Topic outline

  • SPHN/BioMedIT Data Privacy and IT Security Training


    Within the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and related national initiatives researchers use patient data (i.e., confidential human data) in their research projects. Dealing with confidential human data requires awareness of data privacy, respective laws and information security. This course explains what should be done in practice to protect the patients’ privacy when performing biomedical research on human data.

    For researchers and users of the SPHN/BioMedIT infrastructure this course is highly recommended. The respective exam is mandatory to use the BioMedIT infrastructure.

    • Video tutorial for self learning.

      This tutorial works on several browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

      • On Firefox, you might need to change your browser options to "Permissions / Autoplay - Allow Audio and Video".
      • On Safari, use: "Safari / Settings for This  Website ... / Auto-Play: Allow All Auto-Pay"
  • Course material

    • Slides of the video tutorial in PDF format. 2 slides per page.

    • The script provides a full text description of the entire course contents shown in the slides. 25 pages.

  • Exam