Select and Manipulate your data


Module 1 was dedicated to reading and summarization of the data.

Now that this is done, Module 2 will focus on the manipulation of the data.

First you will learn how to select parts of your data according to different criteria, creating filters to efficiently ask questions on specific subsets.

Then you will see how to apply  custom operations on whole columns as well as how to create new columns from existing ones..

For the practicals (STEPS), we will continue using the  heartData_simplified.csv data file.

Module 2 is made of Task 1 and Task 2.


You will find two different kinds of practice in the tasks. The first are formative quizzes, while the second are steps of the activity which enables you to practice the code on a sample data representative of the data you will use in your professional activity.

The activity (STEPS) runs throughout the course using the same data. These steps are the practice that you are required to do on your own machine to insure you are able to apply the code to your own data later on in your professional activity. These steps are easily recognizable as they have a blue background color.

The quizzes embedded in the course do not use the same data as the activity. They are right or wrong quizzes or multiple choice questions to highlight important code sequences. They have an orange background color. 

You will also find theoretical information which has a beige background color.
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