Topic outline

  • General

    Analysis of differential gene expression

    Lausanne, 4-8 April 2011

    Course description:

    This one-week course will discuss the statistical analysis of differential gene expression, based on techniques such as microarrays, RNA-seq and qPCR. Lectures will be conducted in the morning, and students will analyze actual gene expression data in the afternoon.

    The plan is the following:

    • Introduction to low-level microarray analysis
    • Differential gene expression using microarrays
    • Experimental design
    • RNA-Seq
    • Analysis of qPCR data
    • Downstream analysis: pathways, GO analysis, genes group analysis (GSEA, etc)

    Requirements :

    • Participants are asked to bring their own laptop (with wifi) with the "R" program installed
    • No prior statistical knowledge is required in order to attend the course, however we strongly recommend some basic knowledge of statistics, and that you get familiar with the R statistical analysis package prior to attending the course. You can refer to our Introduction to statistics course, which include detailed exercises on R.
      As the practical exercises will necessitate the use of the R program, you should already be familiar with the command line environment of such tool to avoid spending too much time during the practical exercises with the syntax of the program. Please read some documentation to familiarize yourself with the R language and try some simple examples present in our R tutorial.
    • There may be other requirements for the practicals, which will be announced later. In particular, some knowledge of Unix and a scripting language is likely to be required for the exercises on RNA-seq.

    Registration :

    The registration fee for Swiss academics is 200 CHF. (Some doctoral programs may subsidize the course; please contact your doctoral program for more information). Note that a formal invoice will be sent to all participants; if the invoice address is different from your address, make sure you specify it in the "comments" field of the registration form.

    Participants from the industry or from abroad should contact us.

    Registration is closed.

    ECTS accreditation: 2 credits

    Participants who successfully complete the course exam will receive a certificate mentioning the number of ECTS credits related to this course. Other participants will receive a certificate of participation.

    Important: successful participating graduate students will have to inquire if these credits are accepted by their respective graduate schools.

    For more information, please contact Frédéric Schütz