Topic outline

  • Research Data Management and Data Management Plan

    Streamed from Lausanne, 23 & 24 June 2022

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  • Programme

    Trainers: Cécile Lebrand, Vassilios Ioannidis, Grégoire Rossier

    Day 1 - Morning (9:00-12:30 with a coffee break)

    • Introduction to data management & open data
    • Data collection and documentation
    • Ethics, legal and security issues
    • Data storage and preservation

    A 1-hour lunch break will start around 12h30.

    Day 1 - Afternoon (13:30-17:00 with a coffee break)

    • Data sharing and reuse – Data deposit hands-on
    • Data life cycle and DMP Canvas Generator - demo + work with your data

    Day 2 (9:00-12:30 with a coffee break)

    • DMP Canvas Generator - work with your data (continue)
    • Discussion & feedback about DMP Canvas Generator + general questions