Topic outline

  • UNIX scripting for life scientists

    8-9 November 2021, Lausanne

    Course schedule

    Day 1 (8 November)

    1. Quick refresher on shell usage
    2. A survey of shell operation: the various steps taken by the shell when processing program code.
    3. A coding project - first part. Introduces input, loops, 'if' clauses, tests

    Day 2 (9 November)

    1. Coding project - second part. Introduces output, parameter expansion, I/O redirection, option parsing, 'case' clauses, functions.
    2. Exam.

    The coding project will be a (hopefully) useful script for bioinformatics, the point is to get the participants to actually code rather than just watch slides. Notions will be introduced in the order needed for the coding project, and the students will be expected to participate in the coding effort by coming up with ideas and solutions.

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