Section outline

  • Intermediate stats: data analysis in practice

    21-22 April 2021

    Streamed from Lausanne

    This course will be taught by Rachel Jeitziner Marcone, Isabelle Dupanloup and Frédéric Schütz.

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  • The course will start at 9:00 and end around 17:00. There will be two coffee breaks and a lunch break of one hour every day.

    Day 1:

    9h: Welcome - Get to know

    9h20: Introduction

    10h00: coffee break

    10h30-12h00 : qPCR

    12h00-13h00 : Lunch

    13h00: knitr

    13h30: Exercises

    14h30-coffee break

    14h45- Presentation - GROUP 1

    15h30- Dataset 2

    17h00- end of day 1

    Day 2:

    9h: Welcome - Presentation - GROUP 2

    9h45-10h30: Theory

    10h30-10h45 -coffee break

    10h45-11h45- Dataset 2 (again)

    11h45-12h15 Presentation - GROUP 3 

    12h15-13h15 Lunch

    13h15- 14h30 Simulations

    14h30-15h00 Presentation-GROUP 4

    15h00-16h30 BC

    16h30-17h00 Presentation-GROUP 5