Topic outline

  • Advanced Statistics: Statistical Modeling

    17-20 August 2020

    University of Lausanne (map), Anthropole Building (metro M1 station UNIL-Chamberonne), classroom 2024 on the 2nd floor (map).

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  • Schedule

    The course will run every day from 9:00 to 17:00 with two coffee breaks and a lunch.

    Monday 17 August:

    • Simple and multiple linear regression (theory, diagnostics, and model selection)

    Tuesday 18 August:

    • Generalized linear models (binary data, proportions, and counts)

    Wednesday 19 August:

    • Mixed-effects linear models
    • Longitudinal data analysis

    Thursday 20 August:

    • Smoothing
    • Generalized additive models

  • Software installation prior to the course

    You are required to bring your own laptop with at least 4 Gb of RAM, a working Wifi connection and the "R" and "RStudio" software installed.

    Please also install from the CRAN repository (if not yet done), the following packages: lme4, nlme, mgcv, and gam.