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  • General

    First Steps with Git for Reproducible Research

    Lausanne, 27 February 2020

    University of Lausanne, Amphipole building, classroom 319

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  • Schedule

    Course start: 9h00
    Course end: 17h00
    Lunch break: 12h30 - 13h30

    Course overview:

    • Introduction to Version Control Systems.
    • git basics: your first commit.
    • The git index: a preview of your next commit
    • A look under git's hood: blobs, trees and commits.
    • The git stash.
    • git branches: the killer feature.
    • Working with remotes: share your work and collaborate.
    • Retrieving data from the database: git checkout.
    • Rewriting history: interactive rebase, reset and amend.
    • Tags: label important commits.
    • An overview of GitHub.
  • Exercises

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