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  • General

    Protein-Protein Interactions: Protein functions identified through their interacting partners

    Lausanne, 23 May 2008

    The aim of this workshop is to give an insight in the field of protein functions through the use of both computationally derived predictions and large to medium scale protein interactions screen (e.g. yeast two hybrid, tap-tag-immunoprecipitations, siRNA screen). Traditionally protein functions has been assigned through the use of domain identification, enzymatic activity etc. With the wealth of data provided by the mass sequencing of several genomes this allows the development of several methodologies that could infer functional protein interacting partners [Eisenberg 2000 Nature]. However using these types of data became difficult, this required graph-based approaches, and several tools have been developed. The aim of the workshop is to provide the first step in the use of these tools and the identification of the different resources providing protein-protein interaction data, functional predictions.