Section outline

  • SIB PhD Training Network Retreat

    Bienne/Biel, 27-29 June 2018

    The annual retreats are exclusively reserved to the Training Network (TN) members and combine, in a relaxed atmosphere, interactive sessions in which the students can both present their work as well as network with their peers and with a speaker/tutor, usually a Group Leader from a Swiss University. Furthermore, we organize a social/fun activity.
    This year we are very happy to invite Dr Lydie Lane, co-director of SIB CALIPHO group, Geneva.


      City Hotel (previously Continental hotel)
      Aarbergstrasse 29
      CH-2503 Biel Bienne


      Day 0 (27.06) (optional)

      <18:30                      Hotel check-in

      19:00                        Walk to restaurant


      Day 1 (28.06)

      <09:30                      Hotel check-in

      09:30-10:45              Students' presentations (4)

      10:45-11:15              Coffee break

      11:15-12:30              Students' presentations (4)

      12:30-14:00              Lunch

      14:00-15:00              Lydie Lane

      15:00-15:30              Coffee break

      15:30-16:00              Students' presentations (2)

      16:30                         Walk (15-20’) to social activity

      Evening                      Dinner



      Day 2 (29.06)

      09:00-10:30              Students' presentations (5-6)

      10:30-11:00              Coffee break (time for check-out)  

      11:00-12:30              Students' presentations (5-6)

      12:30-13:45              Lunch

      13:45-14:15              Extra time for last presentations if needed

      ~14:15                      Conclusion, end of the event

      Each presentation slot will be max 15 minutes: 8 minutes presentation + ~5 minutes questions. Please do not exceed this timing.

      Presenters' list:

      1 Qingyao Huang Mapping ethnicity information from cancer genome profiles
      Paula Carrio Cordo
      Assessing tumor heterogeneity among cancer types
      3 Amel Bekkar
      Logical modeling for cardiovascular disease therapeutic targets prediction
      4 Diogo Leite
      CANCELLED Exploration of a large spectrum of machine-learning techniques to predict phage-bacterium interactions
      5 Romain Groux
      A K-mean implementation to cluster genomic data
      6 Lorenzo Gatti
      Phylogenetic tree inference under an explicit model of indel evolution
      7 Anna Marcionetti
      Genomics of clownfish adaptive radiation
      8 Nottania Campbell
      Reconstruction of Viral Genomes from NGS Reads
      9 Alexis Loetscher
      A diversity study of the Epstein-Barr Virus in patients from the Swiss-HIV cohort
      10 Mariia Bilous
      Single cell RNA-sequencing data visualisation using networks
      François Bonnardel
      UniLectin structure-based database: Identification of _-propeller lectins in genomes
      12 Francisco Brito
      Association of novel and highly divergent human viruses to unknown disease etiologies, using metagenomics
      13 Diana Cruz Davalos
      Ancient Brazilian genomics
      14 Livio Ruzzante
      Characterising Gene Evolutionary-Functional Correspondences for an Enhanced Resolution of Gene Function
      15 Alexandre Gouy
      Functional analysis of genome-wide patterns of selection
      16 Marthe Solleder
      Analysis and prediction of phosphopeptide interactions with the Human Leukocyte Antigen Complex class I
      17 Jonathan Sulc
      Genetic components of obesity and their impact on health
      18 Monica Ticlla
      The microbiome of the respiratory tract in pulmonary tuberculosis
      19 Mattia Tomasoni
      Extracting features from eye fundus images
      20 Madeleine Suffiotti
      21 David Laloum
      Circadian Transcriptome: Detection and Evolutionary Conservation
      22 Hamed Khakzad
      CANCELLED Host-pathogen interaction network by targeted cross-linking mass spectrometry