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  • General

    Exploring common and rare diseases genetics with GWAS and NGS

    Lausanne, 25-27 April 2016


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    University of Lausanne / Genopode building, classroom 2020 (Metro M1 line, Sorge station)

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  • Teachers

    BS            Brian Stevenson (Vital-IT group (SIB)
    SP            Sylvain Pradervand (LGTF/Vital-IT (UNIL/SIB))
    ZK            Zoltán Kutalik (Statistical Genetics group (IUMSP/CHUV/UNIL)

    AM           Aurélien Macé (Statistical Genetics group (IUMSP/CHUV/UNIL/SIB)
    SR            Sina Rüeger (Statistical Genetics group (IUMSP/CHUV/UNIL/SIB)