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  Joint Autumn School: Systems Modeling

    Hands-on practical workshop

    Schwarzenberg, Switzerland, 8-12 November 2015

    Description & objectives

    The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and are jointly organizing an Autumn School to educate young researchers on cutting-edge methodologies relevant to systems biology and bioinformatics. The objective will be to teach how these two approaches can be integrated when modeling and simulating:

    • metabolic networks,
    • gene regulatory networks and
    • population genetics/genomics models

    Target audience & credits

    This summer school is intended primarily for PhD students and postdocs in systems biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, medicine as well as biochemistry. We will recommend 2 ECTS for this course.

    List of confirmed speakers

    - Vassily Hatzimanikatis (SIB and EPFL)
    - Julien Limenitakis (University of Bern)
    - Edda Klipp (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
    - Joshua Payne (University of Zurich)
    - Bart Deplancke (SIB and EPFL)
    - Yolanda Schaerli (University of Zurich)
    - Frédéric Guillaume (University of Zurich)
    - Önder Kartal (University of Zurich)


    Skills: A basic understanding of ordinary differential equations and the essentials of computer programming will be helpful, but are not absolutely necessary.

    Computer: participants bring a laptop equipped with wifi connection, >4 GB RAM.

    All code will be written in Matlab, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with the basics of this language. To this end, Matlab offers a variety of tutorials for all levels of programming expertise: Other specific software might be indicated later.


    Hotel und Bildungzentrum Matt, Schwarzenberg, Switzerland. This is a nice location in the mountains, near the famous Pilatus. Schwarzenberg, village of about 1700 inhabitants, is  about 20 minutes by car from Luzern.

    Registration & fees

    Fees include tution, course material, full-board accommodation (4 nights) and a social activity.
    600 CHF for PhD students (a special rate will be applied to SIB and PhD students)
    900 CHF for post-docs and researchers

    Registration is closed. Deadline for free-of-charge cancellation is set to October 8. Cancellation after this date will not be reimbursed. Please note that participation to SIB courses is subject to this and other general conditions, available at

  • 8 Nov
    Arrival, welcome and dinner

    9 Nov: Metabolic Networks
    speakers: Vassily Hatzimanikatis (SIB and EPFL), Julien Limenitakis (University of Bern)

    10 Nov AM: Metabolic Networks
    Speakers: Edda Klipp (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

    10 Nov PM: Gene regulatory networks
    Speakers: Bart Deplancke (EPFL), Yolanda Schaerli (University of Zurich), Joshua Payne (University of Zurich)

    11 Nov AM: Gene regulatory networks
    Speakers: Joshua Payne (University of Zurich)

    11 Nov PM: social activity and networking

    12 Nov: Population genetics / genomics
    Speakers: Frédéric Guillaume (University of Zurich), Önder Kartal (University of Zurich)