Topic outline

  • Advanced Technical Presentation 2: Design and Delivery Skills

    Lausanne, 31 March 2015


    The "Advanced Technical Presentation: Core Techniques" class covers the fundamentals of giving great presentations. In this class, Damian Conway delves even deeper into the art and science of presentation, revealing many additional subtle and sophisticated techniques that can lift your presentations from "great" to "extraordinary".

    In this class we'll first explore a series of advanced presentation structures that can help sustain your audience's interest, engagement, and investment in your presentation: "The Rule of Three", conflict and contrast, planned failure, false endings, motifs, and structural reinforcement techniques.

    Then we'll examine the principles of visual design as applied to your presentation slides: symmetry, alignment, intentionality, minimalism, incremental display, masking, physicality, and focus. In particular, we'll look at a dozen specific ways you can apply these critical ideas to the practical design and rendering of slide templates, text, code, data, diagrams, images, charts, and tables.

    Next we'll discover how to speak more convincingly: the three dimensions of trust, the five stages of persuasion, and the use of grammatical leverage and trigger words.

    Finally, we'll decode the secrets of effective and compelling stagecraft: how to set up a room to maximize your impact, how to grab and hold an audience right from the start, the three keys to confidence and control, how to transcend your performance anxiety, developing a better speaking voice, and the essential kinaesthetics of communication.

    This class is taught by Damian Conway, a well-known speaker and lecturer (see his official biography or his Wikipedia page). Damian already lectured at SIB several times, and consistently received the best feedback over all courses ever organized at SIB.

    Please contact if you have any question.


    Participants should ideally have followed the course "Advanced Technical Presentation 1: Core Techniques" that is taught the day before (30 March 2015), or one of the sessions organized in previous years.


    The registration cost is at most 150 CHF for the day for Swiss academics (including the course documentation on paper); the final cost will likely be lower (but will depend on the number of participants). Participants who are not members of the Swiss academic community should contact us.

    Applications are closed.

    The deadline for free-of-charge cancellation is 26 March 2014.

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