Topic outline

  • General

    Introduction to Computer-Aided Drug Design at SIB

    Lausanne, 1 April 2014


    This workshop aims to present several computer-aided drug design tools developed at SIB. Several examples are taken from different therapeutical fields. The exercises are available to a wide audience.


    At the end of the tutorial, participants are expected to be able to: use UCSF chimera to display molecules in 3D and analyse protein-ligand complexes, submit docking calculations in SwissDock and analyse results, use SwissBioisostere for lead optimization, use SwissTargetPrediction to predict primary and secondary targets of small molecules and predict drug repurposing


    Basic knowledge in biology. Very basic knowledge in chemistry.
    Laptop with a mouse, and with two software installed: UCSF Chimera and a web browser (recent version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari).


    Application is now closed.

    The application fees for academics are 50 CHF. The fees include course material and coffee breaks. Participants from non-academic institutions should contact us. Deadline for registration and free-of-charge cancellation is set to the 24th of March 2014.

    Additional information

    The course will be taught by Vincent Zoete, Antoine Daina, Aurélien Grosdidier, David Gfeller and Justyna Iwaszkiewicz.

    We will recommend 0.375 ECTS credit for this workshop.

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  • Programme

    The workshop will mostly consist in tutorials.


    • Short introduction to Computer-Aided Drug Design and the tools developed by SIB
    • UCSF Chimera tutorial


    • SwissDock tutorial
    • SwissBioisostere tutorial
    • SwissTargetPrediction tutorial