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    NBIC/SIB Winter School 2013

    At the intersection of bioinformatics and medicine


    March 10-15, 2013, Hotel Alfa Soleil, Kandersteg, Switzerland

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    Bioinformatics has an essential place in the interplay of genomics, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, and can thus bring new insights to the physicians’ daily work. Bioinformatics is needed, for instance, in massive genome data analysis, data integration, clever data mining, clinical expert systems, variant databases, from protein domain knowledge to phenotype, among many options.

    Recognising the importance of bioinformatics in medicine, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the Netherlands Bioinformatics Center have joined forces to organise the NBIC/SIB Winter School focussing at the intersection of bioinformatics and medicine. The topics that will be covered by leading scientists in the field include: cancer genomics and treatments, GWAS studies, analysis of medical records and ontologies, drug testing and design.

    Programme per day:

    11 March - Cancer genomics and treatments
    - Niko Beerenwinkel (BSSE, ETHZ, and SIB, CH)
    - Florian Markowetz (Cancer Research, UK)

    12 March - Drug testing and design
    - Tina Ritschel (Centre Molecular Life Sciences, Radboud Univ. Nijmegen Medical Centre, NL)
    - Christian Lemmen (BioSolveIT, D)

    13 March - Dedicated to social and networking activities: ski, snow-shoes walking, or any other suitable alternatives in the case of rain/snow.

    14 March - GWAS studies
    - Sven Bergmann (University of Lausanne and SIB, CH)
    - Han Brunner (Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, and NBIC, NL)

    15 March - Analysis of medical records and ontologies
    - Frank van Harmelen (VU University, Amsterdam, NL)
    - Janna Hastings (EBI, UK and SIB, CH) and Ilinca Tudose (EBI, UK)

    Contact and Organization

    Patricia Palagi
    SIB Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics

    Celia van Gelder
    NBIC | Netherlands Bioinformatics Center