Topic outline

  • General

    High Performance Computing (HPC) in Life Science

    Lausanne, 20 July 2012

    Several scientific applications require computing and/or storage resources that go beyond the processing power of a single multi-core machine. High performance computing (HPC) clusters provide the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to efficiently run computing and data intensive applications. The course provides detailed information on how to efficiently use Vital-IT's computing and storage infrastructure for life science applications.


    • Obtain basic knowledge on high throughput and high performance computing
    • Learn how to use Vital-IT's infrastructure for scientific applications (including hands-on exercises)
    • Tips and tricks for effective and efficient cluster usage (incl. compute and storage usage guidelines)
    • Discuss particular computing needs and requirements of course participants


    • UNIX: Basic understanding of working with command line tools on UNIX/Linux-based operating systems. In case you would like to review your knowledge, please see the following UNIX course slides.
    • Scripting language such as bash or Perl is an asset