Topic outline

  • General

    Integration of data from different omics

    Lausanne, 12 & 17 October 2012

    Today, it is becoming increasingly common to generate multiple omics data sets simultaneously for the same set of experimental units. Such studies allow the researcher to explore the underlying biological processes from different perspectives, and thereby hopefully obtain a deeper understanding of the processes. In this workshop we will discuss different ways of integrating diverse types of omics data, with the goal of increasing the understanding of how they may be related to each other.


    Charlotte Soneson (SIB, BCF)


    Basic knowledge on R and statistics (such as correlation and linear regression).

    Practical organization - Location

    Sessions runs from 9:00 to 17:00 approximately, with a lunch break.
    This one-day course is held at the GĂ©nopode building - University of Lausanne.


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