Topic outline

  • General

    Workshop Bio++

    Bern, 13 February 2012

    Introduction and objectives

    Bio++ is a set of C++ libraries for Bioinformatics, which is focused on molecular evolution and related fields. The aim of the workshop is to learn how to use the Bio++ libraries in developping phylogenetic or molecular evolution software or bioinformatics pipelines.

    Target audience and required level

    The target public is bioinformaticians who are already familiar with molecular evolution and have a good knowledge of programming, including object-oriented programming. Some knowledge of C++ would be a plus.

    Workshop content

    The workshop will provide an intensive instruction in using the Bio++ libraries working on examples of population genetics and phylogenetic analyses.


    Participants will need to bring a laptop with a Unix-like environment, a recent C++ compiler (version 4) with standard libraries and cmake. Having Git installed would be a plus.

    Reading material available


    Dr. Julien Y. Dutheil
    Dr. Laurent Gu├ęguen


    There are no registration fees. You can register HERE.