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    Doctoral Program in Population Genomics SIB PhD Training Network

    Joint Summer School
    SIB PhD Training Network and Doctoral Program in Population Genomics

    Bioinformatics and Population Genomics

    Adelboden, 17-22 June 2012


    Hotel Hari, Adelboden


    detailed program here

    If you aren't very familiar with UNIX and/or R, please try to brush up your skills before coming.

    List of tools (that have to be installed in your laptops before the course)
    Test that everything works before the course.

    - Terminal and SHH
    - Mac and Linux computers should have these already.
    - Windows: Install PuTTY (simple) or Cygwin (advanced; install X11 for X window support)
    - FTP
    - Any OS: FileZilla
    - Mac: Cyberduck
    - Windows: WinSCP
    - R
    - Optional but useful - Perl for Windows (Mac and Linux have Perl & Ruby already)
    - Java
    - Cytoscape version 2.8 (requires Java)
    - Fastqc (requires Java)
    - Genome viewers
    - IGV (requires Java; choose the 1.2GB version)
    - Apollo

    Laptops minimum requirements
    Any relatively recent machine will be OK with either Linux, Mac or Windows. (If your laptop is more than 5 years old then (a) respect! and (b) email us and we'll look into that)

    Preliminary Reading

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