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    PSIMEx Workshop: Interactions and Pathways

    Lausanne, 6-7 October 2011

    This workshop is specifically intended to give experimental and computational biologists training on how to optimally explore and use protein-protein interaction resources, including hands on experience on the IntAct molecular interaction database, a brief introduction to Cytoscape and on how to utilise the PSICQUIC web service to access additional data. We will also explore the Reactome pathways and use PSICQUIC to link interaction and pathway data.
    The course will include an introduction to the source databases, UniProtKB for proteins and ChEBI, the small molecule database.


    Sandra Orchard (EBI)
    Rafael Jimenez (EBI)
    Steve Jupe (EBI)


    Participants should bring their own Wi-Fi-enabled laptops with the following software already installed before the beginning of the course:

    - soapUI 4.0.1

    - Taverna Workbench 2.3

    - Cytoscape

    Practical organization - Location

    Sessions runs from 9:00 to 17:00 approximately, with a lunch break.
    This two-day course is held at the GĂ©nopode building (Room 2019) of the University of Lausanne.


    Registration is closed.
    This workshop is also open to guests but priority will be given to students depending on the number of registrations. Please note that there is no registration fee but also no refunding for participants' expenses.

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    This course is provided in coordination with the IMEX consortium.

    IMEx is funded by the European Commission under PSIMEx
    contract number FP7-HEALTH-2007-223411

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