Do you feel unable to statistically analyse data, despite having already followed an introduction course on statistics ? If yes, this course was created for you.
The goal of this training is to provide researchers with the practical skills required in order to analyse real biomedical data. This includes:

  • how to explore data
  • how to choose and apply an analysis method (statistical tests in particular)
  • how to manage common issues encountered during data analysis, such as outliers, batch effects, management of biological vs technical replicates
  • how (and when) to evaluate the power of an experiment
  • how to communicate the results

During this two-day training, you will be provided with datasets to analyse in small groups, using information provided by the trainers. The results will then be discussed together. The datasets will be chosen to allow you to cover the most common questions that arise during a statistical analysis, including the assumptions of tests (and the requirement for normality of data in particular), the handling of outliers, missing data.